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Chapter 4 - A Couple of Concert In

This time last month Opera Bamba was yet to put on a single performance. Now we’ve performed in Holy Trinity and St Barnabas, Paisley, and Renfield St Stephens, Glasgow. I think it’s fair to say we still have some things to work on, chiefly advertising, but now we have a good product to sell and I think we should be able to figure that part out!

Opera Bamba’s first concert in Holy Trinity and St Barnabas, entitled “Introducing…”, was a very nerve-wracking experience – at least for me. The fact I wasn’t doing anything is really beside the point. Our musicians, though; Jessica Hurst, Jasmine Munns, Alexandra Dinwiddie, Beth Taylor, Andrew Powis, Tim Edmundson and Wilson Chu were on top form and delivered an outstanding performance. We even got some videos of the night, although editing them down is still very much on my to do list. You can see Jessica Hurst and Andrew Powis singing o soave from La Boheme on our YouTube account, chosen because no matter what La Boheme will always have a special place in my operatic life.

For Opera Bamba’s second concert we decided to venture into Glasgow to try and attract some attention from outside our own Paisley backyard. Decidedly less nervous than last time, the flow of the concert felt smoother and less hectic – at least from my point of view, I can’t speak for anyone else. Our musicians; Jessica Hurst, Angela Estrada, Lea Shaw, Andrew Powis, Tim Edmundson and Guoda Indriunaite were again on spectacular form. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any recordings, but trust me when I say they were great!

Now we’re looking forward to our scenes in June. Opera Bamba has come a long way, from non-existence to now a – if only just – profitable opera company in relatively little time. Our scenes in June will see our first staged work, with the title “Devotion, Deception and Daring” leaving plenty of room for scope in the operatic repertoire. Remember to spread the word, looking forward to seeing you there!

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