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Chapter 2 - Auditions

The ensemble of people you have the pleasure to meet throughout an operatic audition day is phenomenal. While each audition may be short the impression left by each talented singer is long lasting. From the beautifully lyric sopranos to the powerful bass-baritones it is always a pleasure sitting on an audition panel – or sitting outside the door listening in as it was in my case. I know I can’t thank those auditioning highly enough for their commitment to their art or their faith in Opera Bamba. So thanks everybody!

It’s often assumed the only ones nervous about operatic auditions are those auditioning, and that the audition panel has only to sit back and judge. This could not be further from the truth and, while it is important to set yourself at ease as a person auditioning, there is nothing more pleasurable than when a person walks into the room and sets the audition panel at ease. A person who has clearly prepared, turned up in good time to warm themselves back up after travelling and is willing to engage both as a singer and as a performer is a real treat for any audition panel. At Opera Bamba we know the pains of standing before an audition panel, but remember we not only want you to succeed so we can put on a good opera but also because we love opera as artists and each interpretation by every individual is unique and immensely pleasurable to witness.

A nice bonus to go along with all of the tremendous singing is meeting people you haven’t met in a long time. We sometimes forget how big the opera world is, but when you think about the large number of companies, conservatoires, professional routes and training schemes people can end up in it’s very easy to lose track of people. So when a person you haven’t seen for five or six years turns up for an audition that your opera company is doing it just makes the day that little bit more special. The converse, of course, is meeting all of the brand new people who are all equally wonderful in there own way.

The final thing to say on auditions is a bit about the audition panel. From our MD and assistant MD Andrew Powis and Wilson Chu to our Italian Coach Sophie Halpin, I cannot thank them enough for both their professional attitude towards the entire project and for their expert knowledge in their own respective fields.

So thank you all for auditioning for Opera Bamba, thank you to those on the audition panel, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of today in our upcoming operatic and concert work.

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