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Chapter 5 - A Procedural Approach

Well Opera Bamba's June Scenes and our August concert were, of course, a great success! We even have a Gallery page now where you can see all of the musicians from our previous performances - there is a very handsome face in the June Scenes picture.

When we first started, while we had a reasonable idea of what we were doing, there was an element of making it up as we went along. To an extent this has remained true for the last few months with a few lessons learned here and there. As with everything that’s how you have to start, learn as much as you can from observation – which we’ve all been doing for years – then jump in and try it for yourself, while learning all the things you didn’t know and trying to keep afloat. We’ve now done that and have put on many successful Opera Bamba concerts as a result. So what’s next? Here’s the science(y) bit.

We’re writing everything down, and have been trying to do so since we started. We can now sift through all that information to distil something resembling a procedure, i.e. a standardised pattern we can follow, build and improve upon to generate a more efficient and higher standard of company – an Opera Bamba 2.0 if you will. The best thing about doing it this way? We can isolate individual points, make notes to improve everything we do and if we somehow mess up go back to a previous method we know works.

The even better part? We’re going to make what we learn available to everyone right here! That should mean more performance companies, more art, and artists spending more time focussed on the art - as opposed to worrying about all the other details that take up so much time when you don't know what you're doing! Which for us at Opera Bamba means better music making, happier musicians, larger audiences and less stressed out company directors.

You can see the procedure for publicity below, we still have to sort the rest of it. Once it’s up and running, and tested so we’re not leading anyone down the garden path, we’ll put it up for everyone to read and hopefully we can get some more art in this ever more depressing world of ours!

Disclaimer. Everything written here is done with the best of intentions, to promote art and music in the world. In the event you follow this method and it goes horribly wrong we at Opera Bamba do not accept any liability, you follow the procedure at your own risk. We would be interested to know exactly what went wrong though, so we can update our procedure where appropriate. As always common sense should be applied.

Final note. As said above anyone is free to use the procedure below. In return we ask you to acknowledge where you got the information from, and if you can write down in as much detail as possible your results and thoughts then send them to us that would help us to improve the information below for everyone! Thanks in advance!

Procedure Publicity 1 (2017/08/27)

1. Make sure you have a copy of the latest procedure so updates and notes can be made.
2. The nature of the concert should be decided along with performers.
3. Dates, venue and times should be agreed.

4. Information should be sent to a graphic designer to allow a poster to be made.
5. Performers should be contacted to send biographies and pictures to Opera Bamba for use on the website and social media.

        5.1. Website should be updated on a continuous basis as information flows in about performers.
6. A press release should be written.
7. An event page should be created on Facebook with complete information.

        7.1. Use logo as image until poster completed.
        7.2. Press release can be used for information section.
8. Begin Facebook competition. Two free tickets for a like and share of the original post (otherwise don't know who's shared it).
9. Update pinned tweet on twitter.
10. Update website: What's on,  Bamba News and write blog if appropriate.
11. Upon completion of poster carry on.
12. Update Facebook event with poster.
13. Update Twitter pinned post with poster.
14. Send out press release with poster to all those in the publicity section.
15. Send image to Print and Copy It to be printed if appropriate.
16. Put up posters and flyers in venue, Starlight and around as much as possible. Remember blue-tack and pins. (Try and get some more standard places to go.)
17. Look for nearby events which follow a similar theme, i.e. music events are good but Paintball tournaments might prove a waste of time for advertising.
18. Consider any groups you belong to and decide if they would be appropriate places to mention the event - word of mouth/in person is always better than via social media.
19. Write Bamba Blog and/or update Bamba news where appropriate.
20. Continue to share on social media, hand out flyers and promote via word of mouth as much as possible without driving any potential audience away.

Notes to think about. Advertising for multiple shows at the same time, information in programmes about future shows.


Chapter 6 - In Progress